Monday, March 18, 2019

Last day in Spain

1. Plaza de Oriente 

2. Walking through La Latina
 3. In the plaza mayor standing in a square in Sol
 4. Our quiet walk in Sol Madrid 



Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Last Day: Surviving

By Ines:
Today it was a short day. Some of us stayed in the woods during the night and today they came back at 8:30 am. We went back to Burleigh Mountain all together to clean the zone and pick up everything. We went back to campus, left everything on their places and finished the project on the Dining Hall, as every day.


We explored the famous Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba and discussed its importance throughout history and today.


We enjoyed the beautiful Calle de las Flores.

On to Granada!

Our group spent the third day exploring Granada and visiting one of Spain's most famous attractions: La Alhambra!
This picture is from the gardens of the Alhambra and gives a perfect view of the fortress overlooking the city.

This picture is from one of the gardens in the summer house of the Alhambra and is interesting because it was only used a couple times each year. 

This is a great picture on an infinity pool in the Alhambra that reflects the tower and was a symbol left from the old Muslim empire.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

London Design + Engineering, Day 6

Sunday, March 10th 2019


Morning at the British Museum, Some Shopping & Reflection

The last full day began earlier for those members of the group who opted to embark on an early morning walk to photograph Hyde Park and the area surrounding our hotel. The rest of the group slept in, then met at the café where we had a group breakfast and reflection on the trip thus far. After pastries, coffee, and discussion, the group boarded the Tube and ventured to the British Museum, home to world renowned artifacts such as the Rosetta Stone. The building had been renovated in the early 2000’s, and was designed by Foster + Partners, an architecture firm that the group toured earlier in the week. The museum was packed with artifacts from several different eras, some that permanently resided in the British Museum, and some that were on exhibit. The main attraction, of course, was the Rosetta Stone, as well as the incredible collection of Egyptian art, architecture, and artifacts. Ancient pots lined the walls by the thousands, and statues stood guarding the caskets and mummies of Egyptian Kings. The museum featured Middle Eastern, Roman, Greek, and Medieval European artifacts as well. One item of particular interest was a 15th century handheld cannon; and another was an incredible statue from Ancient Rome. The group stayed in the British Museum for around three hours, and met at 1:00 on the front patio to leave for lunch at a nearby marketplace.

After lunch, the group headed to a shopping district which was four stops away on the Tube. We spent nearly two hours there, exploring various stores and café’s. The district had not been as built up as we had hoped, so we took the Tube back to the hotel at around 5:45. A dinner reservation had been made for 6:30, as opposed to 8:00, to allow everyone to get a good night’s sleep before the travel day that would follow. We left the hotel at 6:15, and walked to a nearby French restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious, but failed to rival the meal we had at the Italian restaurant the night before. Common dishes included garlic fried calamari, as well as grilled sirloin steak. As the night came to a close, the group headed back to the hotel for an early bedtime. A couple members stayed out a little later for another photo session which took them to the heart of London. Tomorrow we will get a little sleep in, then head to the airport for a 3:20 flight back to Boston. This trip has been a once-in-a lifetime experience, and we are all excited to get home to our families to tell stories and share pictures, but most importantly, to be on spring break!

Exploring the streets around Hyde Park
Exploring the streets around Hyde Park
Great Court at the British Museum
One of the artifacts in the Egyptian Exhibit at the British Museum
St Pauls Cathedral at night
Tower Bridge at night
Buckingham Palace at night
Little Ben at night

The Art and Style of Storytelling in Japan - Day 6

A Story of Factories and Towers

Today we left the dorm around 8:30 am and made our way to the Noh Costume Factory. This factory was very small but extremely complex and it is the only factory of this kind in Japan and probably the world. We then had lunch at Kyoto Station where I had some exquisite and tender Wagyu beef with Sil and Dante. We then took the train to Osaka to visit the "Tower of the Sun" and actually went inside of it where they had a museum. Finally, we headed back to downtown Kyoto where we had some awesome Teppanyaki dinner in a small local place and visited some stores. -JP

Early morning, after a wonderful sleep, I came down to the dining room to have my cup noodle which I made yesterday. Overall, I would say it was pretty good! After everybody finished their meal, we headed straight to the Noh Costume Studio. The weather was not cold as much as the other days but it was a little rainy today. After a little walk, we finally arrived at the studio. One of the men in the studio told us that their studio was the only one in the world that creates costumes for noh performances. I was totally surprised after I heard that and even more when we went to the factory where they were creating stuff. I could see that it takes them a long time to set up all the machines before they start working. After the visit to the costume studio, we divided into different groups to have lunch and hang out in Kyoto. I would say Japanese food is awesome! We went to a restaurant which makes mostly omelets with other food then we went to a stationary store to buy some gifts for our friends. After that, we met back up with the group to go to the Tower Of The Sun. It was 41 meters high with lots of cool sculptures inside of it such as dinosaurs, a scorpion, and a gorilla. We spent an hour inside. After that, me, Eva and Marcus had dinner at a buffet restaurant which had all kinds of food. We went there before for dinner and we decided to go there one more time because the food was so good. -Tony

A master costume maker at the Noh Factory.
A worker at the factory preps the loom.
A master weaver at the Noh Costume Factory.

A close up look at one of the weavers working the loom.

Outside the incredible Noh Costume Factory!
Ordering lunch at Kyoto Station!
About to start our tour of the Tower of the Sun.
Outside the Tower of the Sun.
The amazing interior of the Tower of the Sun tells the story of evolution.
A great visit to the Tower of the Sun!
Eva had a blast on our trip to the Tower of the Sun.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

London Design + Engineering, Day 5

Saturday, March 9th 2019


Exploring London's Architecture and having some fun!

The weather was brilliant by London standards as the group took off to visit the Olympic Park. As we got off from Stratford Station and walked through the Westfield mall, the London Stadium, home to West Ham United, presented itself over the bridge and marked our entrance to where London held the 2012 summer Olympics. While making our way to the London Aquatics Center designed by Pritzker winning architect Zaha Hadid, a huge red tower structure caught the group’s eye with the potential slide ride marked 114.5m tall. During the visit to the London Acquatics Center, part of the group visited the interior pools and studies the design while the rest enjoyed their game of the trip – Uno. Moving on, the group decided to check out the Arcelormittal Orbit, or the red tower with slides. Unfortunately, the slide was sold out, but as the skies of London cleared out the group enjoyed a windy view from the very top and was entertained by huge mirrors installed to walls at a curve. Coming down from the tower, our project leader Christopher Fridlington introduced a brief architecture overview on the park before getting back on the Tube to central London.
br> Reaching central London, the group pushed through the bustling London Bridge and made it across to the London eye. After a quick break for lunch, the group waited in line to board the London Eye, the 135m tall observation wheel. At this time, London has cleared up through strong winds leaving clouds dotting the blue sky. The group over looked the entire city of London, including the Palace of Westminster, the Big Ben under construction, the Shard and other land marks of London. Having taken the 30 minute ride on the wheel, we walked back to West London for a boat ride on the Thames River while the other part of the group resided to a peaceful park while also toured the area walking.

With the group reunited roughly an hour later, we took the tube once again and visited the Design Museum which held two exhibitions. One of them revolved around future furniture where it exhibited furniture that took cutting edge designs and showcased futuristic imagination of furniture by designers in the past. The other exhibition presented architectural models where the rooms elaborated on the process and concept behind the buildings. We then returned to the hotel for two hours before dinning at a legit Italian restaurant across from the Design Museum. Unable to spell or pronounce any of the dishes, all I have to say was it was absolutely amazing. As for what happened at the end of the day, London rained like any evening.

West Ham United Stadium
London Aquatics Center
London Eye
London Eye Capsule
Christopher & Ben on the Jetboat!
Tower Bridge with the Shard and London City Hall in the Background
Owen, Jae Bin, and Max trying out a sofa in the IKEA Exhibit
Designer, Maker, User Exhibit was designed by Fixperts

The Art and Style of Storytelling in Japan - Day 5

A Story of Temples and Ramen
Today we had a lot of things happening. First, we went to the Cup Noodles Museum. There were were able to make our own Cup Noodles. I enjoyed decorating my cup, however, now I don't want to eat the noodles so I can save the cup for a long time! Later we went to some temples. I was able to take a lot of photos with my friend and we really enjoyed making memories together. My favorite thing about visiting the temples was the fact that I was able to see a lot of people in traditional Japanese clothing. The girls were all wearing different kinds of kimonos while posing at the historical buildings. The view created a special atmosphere which made me very inspired and happy. -Alex

Today we went to the Cup Noodles museum in Osaka where we had the opportunity to learn about Ramen history and also design our own cups of Cup Noodles. After the museum, we got some delicious ramen for lunch and then we went to the amazing Kenniji Temple. My favorite part of today was visiting the temples and learning more about Japanese culture and history and traditions. I also got to try some classic street food nearby one of the temples that was really good! -Lia

Exploring the gallery hall in the Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka.
Choosing your ingredients for custom Cup Noodles!

The ingredient station at the make-your-own-Cup-Noodles factory!
Outside the Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka by the statue of the founder of Cup Noodles, Momofuku Ando.
Enjoying some incredible ramen in Osaka!
Exploring the temples at Kenninji.
The zen garden at one of the temples.
Many visitors wore traditional attire to visit the temples.
A view of one of the shrines in the temple.
The incredible ceiling mural inside one of the temples.