Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kids Helping Kids

Here is what we are doing for the Kids Helping Kids project! We'll keep you posted as more happens!

Kids Helping Kids from Darren L. Redman


  1. Mr. Mundahl kindly helped to put our KeyNote presentation on the Project Week blog. I hope people will look at it to understand why my group and I are going to Maine. Obviously this trip will change us and our perspectives. I hope everyone has a good and safe time on their respective journeys.

  2. I have finished packing and have cleaned and loaded the bus. I received just one text from a student who had a question. I will assume "silence betokens agreement," and everyone else is doing well. I will greet Kelly LaCasse, the woman who runs the dining service at GWH, at my home tonight. She is travelling from Maine to meet our own Neal Shartar tomorrow to talk food. I hope everyone gets a good night's sleep. Tomorrow will be an early rise in order to get some breakfast and a bag lunch in the cafe before we depart for the Preble Street Soup Kitchen in Portland by 10:15. Regardless I'm looking forward to the trip.