Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pre-Project Meetings

Project Week is just a few short days away. Fortunately there are two dedicated meeting times with your project groups this week:

  • Wednesday, 2/27 from 12:45-1:30
  • Friday, 3/1 during School Meeting and Office Hours
For both meetings, we will first meet in McEvoy Theater and then break into project groups.

We will use this time to disseminate some important information to the entire school. The majority of the time, however, will be dedicated to meeting with your project group to take care of pre-project items and to plan for next week.

Here is a checklist of pre-project items that must be completed by the end of the day on Friday.
  1. Review the schedule for next week with your Project Leaders.
  2. Set the first time and place that you will meet as a group (i.e. Sunday at 2:30 am or Monday at 8:00 am in the Dining Hall).
  3. Review any packing/equipment lists for your particular project.
  4. Review any dress standards that apply to your project. Project Week is considered normal academic time, so regular dress standards apply at a minimum.
  5. Create your group's first blog post on the Project Week Blog using the guidelines below. See how to post on the blog at the Project Leaders Resources page.
  6. Have at least one person in your group tweet your group name and an abbreviated Essential Question using the hashtag #nhsprojectweek.
First Project Blog Post
  • Include your Project Title in the Post Title.
  • Include your Essential Question as stated in the Project Guide.
  • List a few examples of how you hope to investigate your Essential Question.
  • Upload a photo of your group.
  • Tag your post with your Project Label and the 12-13 label.

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