Sunday, February 17, 2013

Student Safety & Travel Guidelines

In general, Project Week participants should:
• Be aware of their surroundings
• Stay with the group
• Avoid dark and deserted places
• Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or watches
• Carry wallet or valuables in front pockets
• Be aware that large groups of youth can appear threatening or overwhelming to the community

When traveling by foot, participants should:
• Cross the street at designated crossing areas when it is safe to do so
• Avoid impeding traffic on roads, sidewalks, or in public buildings or businesses

When traveling on public transportation, all participants should:
• Stand behind the yellow line at the station
• Remain in sight of the booth attendant when possible
• Avoid using the last Subway car at night
• Use two doors when boarding and exiting the train
• Ride on the same car
• Avoid the subway during rush hour (6-8 am and 4-6 pm)
• Show their subway pass to the driver
• Have a plan if someone misses the train

Independent Student Travel
Project Leaders will be able to speak with, and when appropriate, see all of their students 100% of the time. This is known as our 100% sight and sound policy.

During Project Week, there are several exceptions to this rule.
• When students are in their hotel
• During an independent learning block which occurs at a designated space and for a designated length of time with specific learning goals (use buddy system)
• When students are under the supervision of a senior leader within one block of our hotel

Note that the following activities are not allowed:
• Independent student travel by any mode of transportation
• Supervision by senior leaders beyond one block
• Contact with any animal (even a pet)

If you become separated from your group
• Attempt to contact your Project Leader
• Attempt to contact Mr. Joslin
• If you are in a safe, well lit, visible area, stay put and wait for assistance
• If you must move, go as short a distance as possible

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