Monday, March 4, 2013

26 hours, 8000 miles

Ni hao!

China Exchange landed in Shanghai just after 2pm, local time, after 26 hours of travel.  The group of 5 passed through Immigration and Customs with ease, aside from Katie's (18 years old) Customs Agent's obsercvation that she "has changed a lot since her baby picture."  Just after exchanging some USD for RMB the group was greeted by representatives, Terry and Mr Wong, of their host school.   Still on the move, we were split between two vehicles, for the groups first opportunity to take in the unseasonably warm spring weather, 67 degrees, and their first sights, sounds and smells of (a smoggy) Shanghai.  (Mrs Pechenick's pleasantly stated, upon stepping onto the Shanghai PVG Airport sidewalk, "ahh the smell of China, so many memories".  This is her forth visit to the country.)

We're all quite exhausted now. Fed, excited, curious and reflective, but tired and settling into our dormitories to rest up for a full agenda ahead of us. Our individually assigned WLSA (think "IB") host buddies", including Sheldon, who visited NHS recently as part of the WLSA exchange, will pick us up at our rooms for breakfast at 7:00am, to nourish our minds in preparation for a full day of classes.

Wishing everyone a wonderfull Project Week!


  1. Thanks for the descriptive update! I look forward to following you through all your travels.

  2. Glad you made it safe. Hopefully you have had a chance to get some rest, but I'm sure adrenaline will kick in soon as you begin to explore China. Keep the updates coming!