Friday, March 1, 2013

Building a Simple 3D Printer

How can we use technology to help us visualize and create in three dimensions?

Ten students and two faculty members will find out over the course of the next week. We are going to build a simple 3D printer based on a design created for high school students by the Center for Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems in Illinois.

This is our crew on day 0.

We have a lot to learn about taking ideas from our heads and getting them into a form that we can print. However, most of us have ideas about what we would like to print:

  • Mr. Freeman: Some solids of rotation to help calculus students visualize problems.
  • Mr. Petrocelli: Skis.
  • Fedor and Nikita: Abstract geometric shapes that they already have in SketchUp.
  • Tim: A skeleton or skull.
  • Harry: A knife.
  • Solomon: A husky head.
  • Jacob: Gears.
  • Ivan: Dice.

All of us--including (especially) the leaders--are learning about software for 3-D design. Programs that seem useful include:

(Students in this group--this means it would be a great idea to download these now).

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