Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 3- Grand Classroom

Wednesday March 6: Shopping at the Navajo Reservation, Bolder rocks, Float trip down the Colorado River in Glenn Canyon, and Pink Coral Sand Dunes

Raj, Carley, and Aki thought it was strange that large cacti are not found north of Phenix, AZ.
Reilly was the only one brave enough to go into the 40 degree water at Slide Rock State Park and was seen as being a "professional" by another guest at the park and was paid a total of $1 for jumping in.

Raj learned how to use his camera better and took great photos of wildlife on the Colorado River. Aaron learned that the sand dunes that are covered with rock formations have prehistoric foot prints in them.

Hiking the South Kaibab trail into the Grand Canyon was a favorite memory.
Cara learned that the Grand Canyon has different layers and that all of these layers are different.
Aaron liked the rafting trip down the Colorado River because he enjoyed looking up at the Grand Canyon instead of looking down into it.

Aaron, Yifu, and Carley enjoyed relaxing on the Colorado River and soaking up the sun. The temperature ranges from freezing in the shade to nice and warm in the sun.
We learned, John Wesley Powell was in a competition with another member of the National  Geographic society over who was smarter. To settle the dispute, their brains where removed and weighed after they died to decide who was smarter; Powell won.

While hiking down into the Grand Canyon, we learned lots about mules that also use the trail we were using, Aki's favorite memory. Aaron thought that the century plants were very interesting because they live one hundred years and only bloom once, then die.

Aki and Reilly got cactus thorns stuck in their pants, and Reilly had some thorns stuck in his feet and hands. Aki did not think it was funny but everyone else did! Aki loved going to the sand dunes, and Reilly and Aaron loved jumping over the edges of the dunes. Reilly and Aaron got tons of sand in their pants but enjoyed visiting the dunes.

After Carley convinced Mrs. Frame to climb at the indoor rock climbing center, everyone in the group learned that Mrs. Frame is a great rock climber, and she made it all the way to the top of the rock wall very quickly even though she is afraid of heights and did not want to climb at first (Pictures coming soon).

Cara learned that the Colorado River stays at a constant 47 degrees year round, because the water comes through the Glenn Canyon dam from the bottom of Lake Powell.

Thursday: We are headed to Bryce Canyon National Park for the day!

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  1. Your pictures are amazing. It looks like you are having a really great time. Good for you!