Monday, March 4, 2013

Day one of UPCYCLING

It's our first day for The Business of Upcycling. We met and set some ground rules, and are now working on project ideas and materials lists. We know it's going to be very fun and are excited about a couple of ideas. We are still exploring some possibilities and are going to go on our first materials run this morning. Here are some photos showing a few examples of our raw materials before being upcylced. A few things that we are concerned about are weather, materials at transfer stations, and finishing our project on time. We are sure that all of these obstacles won't get in our way and we're ready to get started. Stayed tuned to see our progress!

Recap of what we have done so far: 
  • Group introductions
  • ground rules and expectations for the week
  • created pinterest accounts
  • split into three groups and brainstormed ideas
  • Brainstorming ideas!

...Upcycling is turning things that are considered useless into something useful!

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