Friday, March 1, 2013

Exploring Lobster!

Essential Question: What is life like as a lobsterman?  How has the economy in recent years affected the lives of lobsterman and the lobster industry in Coastal New England?

"I am excited to eat a lot of lobster!"

"I am excited to learn about being a lobsterman!"

"I am happy to get out of school!"

"I can't wait to get see Maine and the Cape in the winter!"

" I can't wait to be lobstering with Kenny Weeks!"

" I can't wait to explore the industry that my father does for a living!"

"I can't wait to learn how to cook lobster!"

"Im excited to be on the deck of a lobster boat and see how it is all done!"

"I can't wait to eat lobsters and other seafoods!"

"Can't wait to learn about the biology of lobster!!!"

"I am excited to learn in an environment outside the class room."


      The Exploring Lobster Group


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  2. Are there still split seasons in Maine? What is the cost of Maine lobster vs Mass Lobster? I had a 25 trap license(?) in the 80's in Massachusetts does Maine allow recreational fishing for lobsters? Let me know. I got you on my radar!