Friday, March 1, 2013

Makin' it in New York

Have you ever wondered what a career in the performing arts means? What kind of work goes into pursuing success? What is the culture surrounding this kind of career? Why is it important to society? This is an opportunity to investigate what it takes to land a job in the performing arts. If you are an actor, musician, dancer or technician and want a behind-the-scenes look at these potential careers this is the project week for you!


  • investigate what it takes to land a job in the performing arts
  • investigate the experience of a career in the performing arts
  • investigate the impact performing artists have on audiences and culture.

Daniel M.
I hope to learn what it took for the people we will meet to get to the point they are on broadway.
I also would like find out how difficult it is to get a play that you write onto a theater.
If possible, I would like to see the tech side of the theater, such as the boards, lights, flys, etc...

Daniel L.
A really want to see the professional lights at the play.
I want to see what it is like for people having lighting as a career.
And I want to see what goes into a broadway play.

Starr P.
I would like to learn about the struggles these people went through in order to "Make it in New York."
I would like to ask the directors/actors/producers how it feels to live their dreams and find out what advice they have for student thespians who would like to do the same one day.

Temirlan N.
I hope that we will explore the professional careers of some of the artists that we will meet and understand how they came to their current careers.
Did they specifically attend a acting/producing school?
Did they persue the dream of working in performing arts from an early age or was it a spontaneous decision?

Amanda B.
How much work does it take till you make it big?
Is getting a theater career all in who you know?
What is the audition process like?

Alena R.
I want to learn something new about performing.
Is it hard to perform?
Are they still nervous when they go to stage?

Nicholas E.
What is involved in performing arts?
I want to be able to explain what performing arts is.

Maryna K.
I hope to have new experience and learn more about performing arts career, as well as I want to meet new people and enjoy my time there.

Adam M.
I personally want to go into the performing arts when I grow up,
I hope to make connections in New York and learn what it takes to be a professional actor.
I love the city and get experience on living in the city.
I want to get more experience in dance and see the process of the broadway actors

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  1. This sounds cool! I know I would've chosen this group! Youre lucky this wasnt a choice when Mack/Danya/Allie and I were wouldve had your hands full!