Friday, March 8, 2013

Pictures of Objects

While it is disappointing not to be able to print objects of our own design from SketchUp, we have had some great successes today:

Yifu found a chess bishop online and we were able to get it
into printable form. 
We had to enlarge the base so it required so
post-production work.
Jake and I modified an existing
template for a basketball hoop so
that it would stand up on its own.
Fedor and Nikita printed a Lego brick from
 an existing template.

We printed a ship from an existing template.
Harry found a blade online--it took some work
to make printable and is only a partial success.
I printed a solid of rotation.
I found out about this project from a suggestion for using this printer to help visualize solids of rotation, which come up often in calculus classes, but that students often manipulate without really understanding. This is the intersection of a parabola and a cubic, rotated about the y-axis.

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