Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Posts of the Day from Write On! (Monday)

Tommy Rich – Post from Day 1

I learned a lot about inspiration from listening to what inspired Keith Dorrington. Hearing him talk about seeing Micky punching a bag in snowy weather and Dicky training him as an ex-drug addict. Keith said that the hard work Micky and Dicky displayed that day in the snow was what inspired him to write. He was also inspired by the strength and will-power of Dicky to over come his drug addiction. It seemed to me that Keith was very proud of the brothers for uniting and trying to make a comeback after all they had been through as far as fighting with their family and Dicky struggling with addiction. I think this feeling of proudness was what inspired Keith to write.

Trippe Reineman – Post from Day 1

Interpretation of Salvadore Dali's painting, "The Persistence of Memory" (that famous droopy clock painting)

"What are dreams made of?" we wonder.
Is it sleep; restful, peaceful and deep?
Perhaps it is just an exhausted mind that needs to slumber.
Or maybe, just maybe, dreams are our other blanket
That we like to hide under.

What are dreams if not escape from reality?
Where else can we go to run from our father,
A father who reminds us of our own brevity.

Father time, alive but never truly living;
A selfish man, always taking and never giving.
So what are dreams if not a respite?
Shades to pull down over our plight?

Our chance to defy all that we know,
a chance to relinquish all that we owe.
The laws of nature seem to split at the seam,
for who is our master once in a dream?
A sea extends into nothingness, fading into the sky
And the concept of time itself is left hung out to dry.

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  1. Love the poem, Trippe. Awesome reflection on Time.