Monday, March 4, 2013

Productive Day #1!

Time flew by today as the Business of Upcycling was busy gathering and preparing stools for reconditioning, selecting fabrics for the seats, and taking the seats apart. We explored the second floor of Meservey, brainstormed project ideas, and decided on three different projects relating to stools.

Pitching ideas for re-design of stools
Testing out one of the chairs that will be redone!
We have some excellent ideas for  this char and one other!
Drilling out rivets to prepare surface
Some other things we did today:
  • Went to Joann's fabrics and selected fabric for the projects.
  • Went to Home Depot and purchased paint, steel wool, and cushioning for the stool and met the manager who gave us a deal on some cushioning material.
  • We took apart the two big chairs.
  • We ended the day around 4 after cleaning and everyone sharing one thing they learned today!
Wrong bit!

Wait til Friday to see this one!
Both Ms. Freeborn and I were extremely pleased with the engagement and enthusiasm of the group today! We meet at 8 am sharp ready to work.

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  1. Awesome work, guys! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can do with those stools!