Monday, March 4, 2013

Successful Day One: Planning

Unsure of ourselves, we tentatively began planning and organizing our thoughts and ideas into building a movie. In the morning, it could have easily been said that many were nervous and doubtful about completing a movie in the time given. By the end of the day though, everyone seemed excited and there was a lot of positive energy in the room. I'm impressed by everyone's attention to detail and ability to focus on making this movie happen. Tomorrow morning we start shooting, so the fun will really begin! Here is a picture of both movie groups and some reflections from the Freeborn/Arsenault group:

The Producers: Grace Bailer and Gracie Magazini
Going into this project, neither of us knew anything about the movie industry. Today we got assigned to be producers and were unsure of what to expect. Soon we learned the roles producers play in movie making and we were able to contribute many ideas. Our first job as producers was to find the right locations for shooting each scene. We did this and came back together later to form our final script. With much conversation and decision making, our group was able to finalize our script. We are excited to get going tomorrow!

Camera Operator: Kevin Goshorn
Today as a group, we made a lot of progress. Everyone played a small role in order for the group to accomplish our goals. Before we started working, we agreed that we wanted to have a script, locations, and ideas for props. Within only a couple of hours we were able to do so; we would have not been able to do this on Friday because most of us had no real interest in the project. I hope that our success and enthusiasm can last all week.

Actress: Hilary Cashin
I didn't think that we would get much done today but we all worked together and finished the script. Now we all know what we are doing and all have a good idea of what the movie will look like. I now know how to make a good movie and I'm looking forward to starting filming tomorrow.

Director: Auden Menke
I never understood how challenging it is to put all the pieces of a movie together. It gives me a whole new perspective on the film making industry. It's been fun so far.

Props Master: Sidney Swormstedt
Today I learned all of the jobs that are involved with making a movie. I got assigned the prop master and get to work with many different objects while getting supplies for everyone. Our movie is going to be really good and we have an amazing group.

Storyboard Artist: Will Roth
I think that everyone will learn a lot from this project. We will be making a scary movie; it's going to be a good one!

Assistant Director: Tory Miller
Prior to today, I didn't know how much thought and planning it takes to create a movie. The ideas begin to flow once you get a set plan, and it is fun. Everyone putting input into the movie is great. It was awesome hearing what everyone wanted to do, and also hearing how everyone felt/pictured the movie turning out.

Actor: Joseph Smith
Learning about movie making and how each person needs a role is fun. I never realized how much everyone needs to contribute. It's good to see how everyone's role clicks together.

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