Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Therapeutic Recreation Hits the Slopes


Last night, we had a great dinner at Flatbread. We all placed our phones in the middle of the table so we could have great reflection and bonding time. Afterwards, we went to the movies and saw Safe Haven; which got pretty emotional (Church).

Today, we started our morning with a bonding and reflecting breakfast at the Friendly Toast. We brainstormed thoughts about our final project. Friendly Toast was a great experience with amazing food because it was like Tilton Diner and made us feel like we were close to school.

After we ate, we had a nice two hour drive to Loon Mountain. At Loon Mountain we visited the New England Disabled Sports (NEDS) section. One of the people that the group met was Geoff Krill. Geoff has a physical disability and is still accomplishing his dreams in skiing and biking. NEDS is similar to Northeast Passage. NEDS is a place where people of all ages with not just physical disabilities but mental disabilities are able to get back into skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, shooting, and many summer activities. We were able to watch a couple videos about NEDS and what they do. Also, the group was able to get a tour around their facility.

On the tour the group ran into Bob. Bod had a Traumatic Brain Injury and has a new lease on life because of NEDS. He told us how NEDS gave him a new opportunity on life and how he was able to experience different things; he was now able to go to the mountain and ski and not sit on the couch all day. After this, we saw all the equipment that is used to help people with disabilities get back to being independent with their activities; wether it was on the mountain or on the road. After, we had a nice lunch at Loon Mountain. We are now back on campus trying to gather all our information and put together our final project.

NEDS with Geoff Krill

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