Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Proposed Projects for 2014

Welcome to The Board.

Below you will find all the great ideas that students and faculty are actively developing for Project Week. To get your idea on The Board or to connect with a project that is currently listed, simply contact Mr. Joslin. Scroll down past The Board for more detailed descriptions of the proposed projects.

For more information on how to propose projects, students click here and faculty members click here.

Service Learning in the Dominican Republic: This project will travel to the Dominican Republic to help young girls develop social, educational, and business skills so that they can provide for their families and improve the quality of life in their community. The project will be run through EF Tours, and there will be an additional fee.

Project Flight: This project will explore the basic mechanics of flight through building and learning to fly RC planes right here on campus. Extensions could include a trip to a flight simulator and potentially loftier goals. There will be an additional fee, but we hope to keep it low.

Kids Helping Kids: Version 2.0 of Mr. Redman's popular service project to Maine last year, this project will travel to a small charter school in Vermont where students will volunteer their time in several ways, including mentoring children, cooking, and maintenance work. This project will also find other ways to serve, like volunteering at a soup kitchen. There will be no fee for this project.

Black Gold: As part of an interdisciplinary course being offered this fall, Ms. Brown and Mrs. Veilleux will be leading a trip to Nicaragua to study everything coffee, from the science of how it is grown to the economic and social effects that coffee has on the local communities. We are proud to partner with current board member Rick Peyser, who is the Director of Social Advocacy and Coffee Community Outreach at Green Mountain Coffee, on this exciting and unique project. Rick will be joining our students on this project to lend his time and expertise. There will be an additional fee.

Washington D.C.: This group would go to Washington DC to explore the question "What does it mean to be an American?" We would look at both the history and culture of the US and include visits to places such as The Smithsonians, A Theater Performance in the evening (or concert), A Sporting Event, A visit to a College (perhaps connect with an American Studies professor), a restaurant tour, a visit to a congresswoman's office, Arlington National Cemetery, and maybe a trip to Manassas, VA where the first battle of the Civil War was fought.

Film an Action Movie: This project will explore how action films are made by writing, planning, shooting, and editing a short action film. We will learn the basics of fight choreography, special effects, acting, storyboarding and foley. Extension activities could include helping on a local film set or visiting film schools in Boston. Lights, camera, action! There will be no additional fee for this project.

Freeze Frame: In this project we will explore all the aspects of studio photography. We'll learn how to setup and use the basic gear as well as the technical aspects of light. We'll learn how to light, shoot, and pose models for fashion style images. We'll learn methods of lighting single portraits and groups of people, as well as how to photograph food and products. We'll cover the details of running a photography business. We'll work with professional photographers throughout the week, both on campus and in their studios. You will be using your camera all week, collaborating and creating your own images. By then end of the week you will have new skills and a portfolio of work. 

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