Friday, November 29, 2013

The 2014 Project Guide Is Now Available!

Students and faculty have worked hard this fall to propose over 20 diverse and intriguing projects for this March. Project proposals were submitted in October, reviewed by the Project Week Committee, and have now been published in the annual Project Guide. The Project Guide contains important information about the projects that are currently being offered, such as the project title, location, fee, essential question, and a detailed description.

There are three types of projects being offered: on-campus, near-campus, and off-campus. There are several projects reappearing from last year, including Husky High Altitude Balloon, The Business of Up-Cycling, Kids Helping Kids, and Winter-X. There are many new additions in each category as well. Students should be able to find a project that is of interest to them given the the variety of essential questions and locations that are being offered.

After returning from Thanksgiving Break, students will have an opportunity to gather more information about each project and talk to the faculty leaders for each group. The annual Project Fair will provide dedicated time in the busy schedule for all members of the community to discuss the potential projects. After the Project Fair, students will submit their top 3 project choices to the Director of Experiential Learning.

Please note that some of the projects listed in the Project Guide may not actually occur due to low student interest, changing costs or logistics, or other unforeseen circumstances. Likewise, there may be additions to the available list of projects, again to accommodate student interest and available resources. Any changes to the projects that are being offered will be published on this blog. 

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