Thursday, February 27, 2014

Comforting CHaD

Comforting CHaD is ready to learn and serve.

Can quilting be a community building activity that brings a small community together for a greater cause?

We have eight students in our group. We will be on campus planning, sewing, and learning, along with small trips for materials and to drop off our handmade blankets for children who are staying at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD).

Inspired by Project Linus, we are ready for the first steps in producing our handmade quilts and blankets that will go to comfort sick children. We met today as a group and talked about some basics for next week. Each member of our group has been asked to make a plan, including what types of blankets and what types of fabric they may want to use. 

Nothing feels better than snuggling with a blanket. Here are a couple examples of what we can make. Mrs. Richardson (Kristin McClure’s mom) will be joining the group to help teach some sewing skills and give advise on the types of blankets and quilts she makes. 

Simple Truck Fleece Blanket
Thick Cotton Flannel Quilt
We are excited to learn the skill of sewing and serve our community by donating our blankets to CHaD.

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