Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Criminal Justice Group Excited To Get Started!

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Today we discussed our preconceived notions and brainstormed questions we have:

  • Do the guards get to know the inmates for who they really are rather than just what they have done? 
  • How do inmates continue relationships with their families and friends?
  • Are prison guards how they are depicted in movies?
  • What is solitary confinement? Why do you get it? Does it work? What’s its purpose?
  • Has anyone broken out?
  • Do people really follow “not lying” in courtroom?
  • How do judges not show bias?
  • How do you pick jurors?
  • Are defense attorneys that are provided as good as ones you hire?
  • As a lawyer, what do you do/how do you feel if you know your client is guilty?
  • How do you decide sentencing? Is it subjective?
We are excited about our week! Stay tuned for more posts!

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