Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Service Learning in the DR Project Details

I received an email today from Xaivier, our Tour Director in the Dominican Republic. She is a freelance mural artist as well as a Tour Director for EF Tours in the DR. Xaivier is extremely excited for our group from NHS to arrive in only 10 days!

Our group will be working with The Dream Project. The non-profit organization focuses on education and our group has an amazing opportunity to work in a model community, Abreu, Dominican Republic on the north coast, where we will be paining murals outside of a public school, assisting with ESL and educational workshops.

The Service Project is to beautify the entrance to the Abreu High School. There is a 10-panel wall that lines the entrance to the school. The school has requested various murals that reflect their commitment to excellent and local Dominican culture. Students will work with a local artist to design and paint the scenes. We will be working directly with the Elementary school students in the DREAM library in the Abreu School. Classes such as ESL, art and other suggestions from our students are possible in which we will work to develop and teach the classes.

And there is this...

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