Saturday, March 8, 2014

As much as we tried to avoid it, the final day was upon us! We started by having a nice breakfast at the hotel 8 in the morning and kept all our carry-on bags in the hotel lobby. Most of the time, we used metro train as a transportation, but covered a lot of territory with our feet as well. Our final metro ride left us crossing a street in between the Capitol and Lincol memorial with our final stop being the Smithsonian American History museum in order to profoundly explore and understand this Country's culture and those that have had a large impact on the United States. We were able to learn that this diverse community and firmly established idea of equality have been achieved by lots of efforts and bloods. Carmilla's purse conveys religious equality, Greensboro Lunch counter illustrates protest against racism, and Woman's cape shows gender inequality and women's struggle to achieve equality. We had lunch around the museum and went to a space museum where the history of people's effort to reach the universe and various equipment that was utilized. Then, we all head back to Holiday inn, and went to the Washington airport with driver Muhamad who had taken care of for the whole trip. We saw many passed out at the airport. Weve been busy and tired but the trip was well worth it.

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