Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Large Waves At The North Shore

After having some rest at home, we were ready to go back to the beach. We decided that it was a good idea to go to Sunset Beach and Waimea Beach, two of the most famous surfing places in the world! I was pretty excited because I love surfing, and I couldn't leave this island without seeing the good surf!

On the first beach we didn't have much success. We got to see big waves, but the ocean was a bit choppy and it wasn't a good day to go in the water. It seemed that the ocean was also hungry; it ate a group member's iPhone! The second beach, however, was awesome! There were a bunch of surfers waiting for the perfect wave, and the rest of the people in the water were having some fun boogie boarding (first time in my life that I saw it). There was even one guy that had a little trouble and had to be helped by the lifeguards! It was a really nice way to spend the afternoon.

- Natalia P

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