Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 2 in Washington, DC - So Many Sights To See And So Little Time

Today we had a Tour of the White House and we saw a lot of cool things! We saw where the Presidential Address happened. We also saw the green, blue, and red room, which was a really great experience for all of us. The neat thing was that when the tours are over for the day, the carpets are rolled out and the lines are drawn back and the President actually uses that space. 

Next, we took a tour in the Pentagon, and we got to see the 9/11 memorial section of the Pentagon. It was nice for all of us to get to see where exactly the plane hit and reflect about everyone affected and involved in 9/11. The other nice thing was that we got to see all the branches of service and speak to people about things like civic duty and civic responsibility. It was refreshing to see that the burden of service still exists. The trip to the Pentagon helped us to understand the American Identity a bit more from the eye of service and pride in our nation. 

Lastly, we went to a play in the Kennedy Center. This was really fun because the Kennedy Center is the only living memorial, which means that it is still active and events take place in the memorial. We went to the Kennedy Center to see a play called "Shear Madness", and it was really cool because it was not like a normal play. The play was set up in a way that the audience was able to control the ending of the play. Some of the people in our group have not seen a play like this before, and it was really cool to be able to vote to find out what the ending was going to be. 

Tomorrow should be a big day as we get to go meet with Senator Shaheen as well as Congresswoman Shea-Porter prior to touring the Capitol. We will also start to see some of the museums which we are all excited about!

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