Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2 at IMG

On day 2, the Huskies at IMG Academy went through quality leadership training, a demanding lift in the enormous IMG gym, and later split up into their individual sports. During the leadership lesson, Coach Tim taught us the importance of communication within the team through an activity that required all members of the group, in a timed instance, to tap a sticker with a number in an ascending order while in limited space. The hardships of this exercise involved miscommunication and lack of leadership, but the guys dealt with the activity by completing the order in 11 seconds, which is good, but far from the 4.50 second record.

Sports Training Sessions
Tennis players Hiro T. and Tim N. worked on their backhands and played tie-breakers handicapped by the restriction of only one serve and a penalty for a missed return shot. This proved to be difficult and taught the guys to take care of first serves and return shots.

Football players Seamus T. and John-Kelly B. engaged in training based on specific positions that included running, agility training, and tackling drills.

Soccer player Garett B. trained with the IMG varsity team and worked on skill development, physical conditioning, and tactical strategy.

Golf player Will R. worked one-on-one with a coach who videotaped his swing and provided Will with a chance to observe his weaknesses and strengths and improve his skills through video observation. 

Baseball players Anthony T. and Mike W. took ground balls and worked on perfecting their throwing technique and batting a ball accurately and powerfully.

On the Basketball court, Willie S. also had a one-on-one instruction with an IMG coach. Together they worked on shooting, dribbling, and conditioning. 

Following practices, our guys fueled up on lunch that offered salmon, chicken noodle soup, and rice curry, and supplemented it with various drinks. After lunch, the huskies, had similar tough and rewarding practices involving more in-game immersion.

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