Monday, March 3, 2014

Site Selection and Moving Wood - NHS Greenhouse, A Morning on the Job Site

In the world of the NHS greenhouse, the highlight of our Monday morning was wood. We carried wood, cut wood, and sorted wood. The morning was in preparation for staining wood later. It was all about the wood. The walkway that we carried the 14 foot boards down was solid ice; like I said, the highlight of the morning.

We also decided the site for the greenhouse; it will be in the meadow behind the student houses, Galletly and Rice. There were several factors that went into our decisions, including but not limited to: slope, light, accessibility, water source, electricity, visibility, and security. The greenhouse needs to be on a flat stretch of land with maximal sunlight. At the same time, cold wind needs to be minimized. For it to be used for classes, the greenhouse shouldn't be too far away. At the same time, the greenhouse will not always be the neatest place, and so it shouldn't be in the middle of campus. It needs to be by a water source, unless we want to dehydrate the plants, and it shouldn't be too far from an electrical source, just in case. The greenhouse should also be able to be seen by tours, to help advertise it. Security was one of the biggest concerns and the source of the most debate. We want the greenhouse to be an open, inviting environment for students who want to enjoy some warm air, help out, or grab a snack. At the same time, there will be important things like science experiments inside. The greenhouse cannot really be locked, so we hope that people will know to walk on the walkways and not the beds. How the security of the greenhouse will work is that it will be away from the beaten track to try and discourage bored, mischievous teenagers. The greenhouse will be a good resource for NHS.

-Mian H.

Moving a big stack of lumber over slippery paths to our chosen greenhouse site.

Greenhouse Site - south side of Rice House

Mr. Shackett demonstrating his master carpentry skills as he cuts 1x6 V-groove for the sliding greenhouse doors.

Tomi M. ready to take on the snow!

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