Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tinker Shop Day 2: Plumbing

In Tinker Shop today we focused on plumbing. This morning we learned about the different materials and tools used in plumbing, including valves and pipes like PVC, CPVC, ABS, copper and PEX. We learned how to solder copper piping as well as how to properly etch and adhere PVC piping together. The group learned about some of the challenges with different types of pipes and how they can be fixed, like when a pipe freezes and breaks.

We also learned the requirements to become a licensed plumber and the amount of time needed to apprentice. In the afternoon, the group assembled a sink and worked through some common problems that occur with leaky faucets. We also assembled a toilet and learned how to fix broken components and even change out toilets. Lastly, the group investigated some of the heating systems on campus and how they are properly run and maintained depending on the system it uses.


  1. Oh wow! Tinker Shop's focus on plumbing sounds really interesting. Everyone seems to be really into it. The fact that the course delved into different attributes of plumbing really puts a smile on my face, especially when the lincensure was discussed as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing that. I wish the shop all the best! :)

    Cody Barton @ All Hour Plumbing

  2. Really handy for Tinker Shop to be focusing on plumbing as it's one of those areas that I always think must be worth exploring. We can all do a little around the house, but most of us know very little about plumbing and it could save so much money. Worth exploring Tinker Shop's plumbing project.

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing