Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last Day at Kurn Hattin

The Kids Helping Kids group closed out their week at Kurn Hattin with a great visit to a well run girls cottage and an outstanding dinner out at Diamonds Pizza.

"Shoulda had a Calzone!"
- Elias C.

The group was extremely excited with the experience and equally enthralled with the manner in which this eclectic ensemble came together. We learned as much about each other as we did ourselves and our host school. The night could not come to an end without the Battle of the Never-Beens Part Deux, Air Hockey Death Match, and Cueless pool. Entertainment was provided by The Tapping Husketts, who made the case for increased financial aid for the Dance Team. Cards ensued through the midnight hour and the group waxed old school by just enjoying being in each others company. There lies solid evidence that 3:45 am served as last call. We said our goodbyes over breakfast and during school meeting over promises from Mr. Redman that "this is not a good-bye, but rather an introduction."

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