Thursday, March 6, 2014

Opinions About the Developed Side of Hawaii

I think that Waikiki beach is good for the island because it presents more opportunities to make money for the island. Waikiki beach makes a lot of money for the island because it's well known to tourists. I also think it is a good contrast from the rest of the island, which is forests. The city has stores, and now the island appeals to all different types of travelers. 
- Noah S.

This morning at 8:50am we went to KalaKaua Ave. It is a street with a lot of shops and many beaches. When we got there, the weather was hot. We had 2 hours of walking the main strip. The water in the ocean was very good, not too cold, but the ocean wasn't very deep and there were a lot of stones. The town in which we are staying is nice in that there are not many people. There are no hotels or shops. It is a town for exploring Hawaii's culture. This city is so different than the town we are staying in. We had 30 minutes to eat but we didn't find anything that great near the beach. This street on Waikiki resembles France. Towns like Monaco and Cannes have the same thing: on the left side is the town and on the right side is the ocean. I liked the trip to the city. It was good to see a different part of Hawaii. 
- George M.

Aloha! Good afternoon. This morning we went to the Wakiki beach area, which is located in the south part of Oahu island, and is known to be the most commercial area of Honolulu. Upon arrival in Waikiki beach, lots of fancy hotels and a well-manicured beach immediately caught my sight. Lots of tourists are walking on the streets, hitting the stores with big names, while many others are enjoying themselves on the beach. Waikiki beach area is very different from where we are staying (the ranch, or east part of the island). The area around our home is very rural and less developed; it kept its original look and is close to nature, whereas the Waikiki beach area is so well developed. I almost thought these two places couldn't belong to the same island. Like many other tourists did, I shopped a bit in our two-hour excursion of the Waikiki area and had a very nice Japanese lunch. On the way back, we saw sights like “No more development, Enough is Enough” and “Keep the country country”. I think I understand where those people are coming from, since numerous tourists and development programs really disturbed their peace and ruined their original Hawaii. However, some other people put up signs such as “Tourist Welcome” in the same area. I think the relationship between developing tourism/island, making money and keeping the island original, undeveloped and peaceful is very complicated. Granted, developing tourism can disturb some people's peace, however, a majority amount of economic income for Hawaii comes from tourism, and people who live on the island do depend on it somehow. Perhaps a new relationship should be developed, such as developing a sustainable/original tourism. This is a good business model that benefits the island residents and the tourists at the same time. 
- Jingfu Z.

Today we changed our main idea of the Hawaian culture and went to the city (Waikiki) where all the hotels and shops are. It was good to see how different it is from where we have been going these past days. It is very impressive how rural and touristic the island can be at the same time because the first couple days we focused more on the Hawaiian history and techniques used to live in the past, which made us stay in the country side of the island, but today we saw the opposite. We saw where tourists usually stay and where all the trade takes place. 
- Natalia P.

In my oppinion, it isn’t neccessarily wrong to have a first world-like source of civilization on Hawaii, but I don’t agree 100% about the way this civilization is set up. On Hawaii that source is Honolulu with its Waikiki district and the beach. If you walk down the Waikiki Strip, you’ll see high buildings, shops, and restaurants, but if you take the time to discover the island’s nature, you will get to see an entirely different, untouched side of Hawaii. I think that Waikiki, without any question, is beautiful, but I also think that it doesn’t belong there. The large city is so modern and commercialized, and with it comes the harm to the environment by cars, for example. On top, the traditions of Hawaii aren’t represented in Waikiki at all. 
- Max K.

Hawaii has two types of beauties. One is the country which has the mountains and not a lot of development. The other is the city which has huge tall buildings, hotels, and shops along the beach. Comparing Waikiki to the country is difficult because they're both developed in their own way. Staying at the ranch and staying in a less developed part of Hawaii makes me agree with the fact that Waikiki should exist. I believe that there should be a part of the island reserved for the country and only the country. However, I also think it is important to have a city and shops by the beach, like Waikiki, because it helps bring money and tourism to Hawaii. Like I said before, Hawaii has two types of beauties: one is the country and being surrounded by the mountains and only mountains and the other is the city with a lot of people and shops along the beach. 
- Emily A. 

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