Friday, March 7, 2014

Paving Paradise Visits The Bishop Museum

Below are reflections of our visit to the Bishop Museum:

Today we visited a nice museum where we learned a lot about Hawaii. First we learned about the history of Hawaii, how it was developed, and how people lived here. The second part of our time at the museum was spent with our guide who talked about the things Hawaiians used here to survive. After, we saw a show in the planetarium. All of the exhibits were very interesting and gave us an opportunity to learn a lot of new things, especially the history of this island. Afterwards, we went home a different way around the island so we could see more of Hawaii. 
- Anton M.

Today we went to the Bishop Museum to learn about how Hawaii came to be. We learned about how people navigated by using the stars. We went to a movie about how to navigate with only the stars, it was an interactive experience. In the end, the audience had to guide the boat back home to Honolulu. We also went to an exhibit in the Hawaiian Hall where we looked at a collection of Hawaiian artifacts. 
- Emily A.

Today we had planned on going to the Bishop Museum in the morning and to Pearl Harbor in the afternoon, but we changed it a little bit and we only went to the Bishop Museum. We were guided by two people in two different tours. The first one was about how immigrants came into Hawaii from places like Europe, Japan, and China and the changes they made to the people living on the island. The second tour was about the Polynesian Islands and how the people moved from one to another being guided by the stars. This one also showed us the evolution of these people and the things they used to hunt and dress themselves. We also saw how big the whales are around here by seeing a skeleton in the museum. 
- Natalia P.

Today was our fourth morning on Hawaii. We got up at 7:30am, had some delicious breakfast, and left for the Bishop museum. The Bishop museum is located in Honolulu. The museum helped us gain knowledge of the Hawaiian society and culture from the past until today. In our first tour, we learned about the history of the Hawaiian population and all the influences the Chinese, Japanese, and other immigrants had on Hawaii. In our second tour, we focused on the past Hawaiian lifestyle including clothes, weapons, sports, and jobs. In the end, we attended a planetarium show in which we learned how other people were able to discover the Pacific and navigate through Polynesia using the stars to guide them. On our way back, we decided to discover the rest of the island and stopped by a popular surfing town. 
- Maxi K.

Today we visited the Bishop Museum in the city of Honolulu. First, we met our tour guide Peter, who is originally from Japan. He introduced us to the immigration history of Hawaii. He briefed us on how the Japanese and Chinese came to Hawaii by choice to seek for a better life and salary. At that time, the average person in Japan earned an average salary of 1.25 Yen per month. However, the Hawaiians were recruiting people for sugarcane and advertised to them that they could get 12 Yen a month, which is significantly higher than what they were getting in Japan. Thus people who were wishing to earn enough money and go home with a good amount of fortune went on board. However, what they did not expect was the high price level in Hawaii, thus making them only earning enough for food, leaving them with nothing else. They were stuck in Hawaii. Additionally, during the Meiji Revolution in Japan, they overthrew the emperor and decided to learn from the west. They starting to send more people to America (Hawaii) hoping to learn some more new things, but they ended up stuck in Hawaii as well. That is why today Hawaii has a very large population of Asians, the majority of which are Japanese. Later, another tour guide took us through the history of Hawaii before the 1800s. She led us through the exhibits allowing us to see the culture of Hawaii, which was very interesting. 
- Jingfu Z.

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