Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pie Fest!

  • Today the bakers gathered in the dining hall to share Thursday's pie creations. Among the pies included the savories: Oktoberfest pie, quiche. And the sweets: lemon meringue, strawberry cream, apple turnover, caramel, and individual tarts. The bakers indulged in each others creations, beginning with the savory pies and ending with dense and delicious sweet pies. The difference between the sweet and savory pies was very obvious to the taste. The savory pies were less creamy and thick, while the savory pies were a lighter serving that could be multiplied. It was a great way to spend lunch and definitely enjoyable! However, the bakers found it difficult to get back to work and prepare samples for the symposium, rather than take long naps. 

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