Friday, March 7, 2014

Project Flight - Day 3 and 4

In our third day in Project Flight, we split up the group; one group travelled to Sanford, Maine to use a state-of-the-art full motion flight simulator, while the other group remained on campus to gain more experience flying the RC planes. The next day the groups switched, so everyone got a chance to do both.

The kids had a blast trying out the simulator in Maine. They mentioned it was a little tough to get the hang of right away, but for the most part, students were successful in takeoff, flying, and landing their Cessna. We had a couple crashes, but all-in-all, the students did very well and gained valuable flight experience.

Outside the simulator.

Inside the simulator.

Back on campus, students worked with flying the RC planes, focusing on improving their landing approaches. The RCs can be challenging to control, not only because they can get pushed around by then wind, but also due to the challenge of orienting oneself with the plane. It can be difficult to determine how to steer the plane when you are on the ground and the plane is flying overhead. We had a few crash landings that required some minor repairs, but it was all valuable experience for our young aces!

Flying RC planes on the lower field.

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