Friday, March 7, 2014


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Here are a few more that didn't make it on the blog:

Today was very fun. Early this morning I had a workout, and then shortly after eating a vegan breakfast, our group did some more yoga. The yoga is so peaceful and helps you feel so relaxed and calm. I think I will try to start doing yoga more. Then we had another breakfast, which was nice. Then we did aerobics. They were very fun, even though I was so tired. Now we are writing our symposium stuff. This week was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of very meaningful information.
-Quincy A.

This week I have learned that I have not been eating properly. Although I still disagree with being a complete vegetarian or vegan, I do however think that I need to make major changes to my diet. Processed foods are the focal point of what I want to eliminate from my food intake. After hearing what these foods can do to people and how they can affect them, I wouldn't be able to put them in my body. Today in Health and Happiness, we did more yoga and cardio work. I really enjoy the yoga because it helps me relax and relieve stress. During the day I feel less stressed after we do yoga. I definitely will be incorporating yoga into my daily life at home. I feel like this will be valuable in my success as an athlete.
-Trevor M.

We are all a little happier and healthier :-)

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