Monday, March 3, 2014

Tinker Shop Day 1

Today we covered auto maintenance. The group first learned about the typical types of tools and equipment used in auto care. Steve and Jim also explained the safety measures and gear to be worn when working on cars and trucks. The group worked on three different trucks throughout the day. We checked tire pressure and rotated the tires using an impact drill and learned how to determine the appropriate pressure and the proper placement for a jack. After, we learned how to check the fluids, including oil, transmission, brake, coolant, and windshield cleaner and the importance of maintaining these fluids due to their impact on the engine. We learned how to change the windshield wipers and how to determine which size a vehicle needs. Then the group worked on changing oil, including changing the oil filter, proper disposal of oil, as well as changing the air filter. Lastly, we did the final touches by cleaning the interior and washing the windows. We learned a lot of useful tools in order to help maintain our own vehicles in the future.

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