Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Made it!!

Today the DC trip had a minor set back after our flight this morning was canceled. However, we were able to get a 7pm flight, which eventually led to our arrival in Washington, DC. During our travels, we had a beautiful evening view of New York City before continuing on our journey to Reagan International Airport. After an urban hike in the bitter cold with some back country trudging through snow, a hike that might have rivaled our friends on Winter-X, we finally found our lodging: The Americana! 

Tomorrow we hit the pavement as we are excited to get started on our mission! We look forward to bringing you updates from our tours of the White House and the pentagon specifically. We would also like to wish a great birthday week to our "father" Joe Sampson. On another note, our rat made it through security and only one person commented on Jeremy's height. It has been a long day and we are eager to get some rest for tomorrow. 

This morning, the group reviewed our essential question and got a better grasp of our topic as we prepared to explore some sites that will help us put together an answer. Shout out to Matthew Bronsky for what he did on the plane. Yours truly Adam and Andrew

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