Sunday, February 1, 2015

Forensic Biology: First Meeting

The Forensic Biology group met for the first time this past week. We discussed our plans for the week.

  • Monday, March 9 is a travel day for the group. We will be departing Boston in the morning and arriving in Washington DC in the afternoon. 
  • Tuesday, March 10 will be spent at the Crime Museum where 3 labs will be conducted around our theme of criminal science investigation and forensics. 
  • Wednesday, March 11 the group will travel to J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI). There we will learn about the importance of sequencing the human genome and how that is being used in sciences today. A few labs will also be conducted there. 
  • Thursday, March 12 the group will return to the Crime Museum to perform three more labs.
  • Friday, March 13 the group will travel back to Boston. 
The group was also asked to think of other things they may be interested to do during the evenings when the group will have some free time.

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