Monday, February 16, 2015

Gearing up for Winter-X 3.0

Ms. Cornog and Mr. Brummer will be leading 10 students into the White Mountains on Winter-X for this year's Project Week. Our Essential Question for the week will be: 

How can I collaborate with group members in order to safely complete the challenge of a wilderness winter backpacking trip? 

Each student will be challenged by cold conditions and exertion. Thinking of the group instead of oneself is an important life skill. Other objectives of the trip are: 
  • winter camping craft
  • embracing process as well as the goal (the mountain summit )
  • leadership 
We are currently getting the students "geared up" with clothing that will keep them warm (relatively) in the coldest weather. Let us hope for a milder March than last year!

Ethan Pond Shelter: Wednesday night destination.

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