Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Writing Life - Day 2 (By George S.)

On a bright and very enjoyable Tuesday morning, the "A Writing Life" Project Week group headed to Profile Falls in Bristol right from the New Hampton cafeteria, where, over breakfast, we had first discussed poems by a contemporary artist from San Francisco named Kai Carlson-Wee. When on the site of Profile Falls, we observed the waterfall, half frozen, the birds, the woods, and the hill surrounding the river. As the nature observations were made, we wrote poetry influenced by what we observed. After this connection with nature, we headed north to Plymouth to do a completely opposite exercise: write poetry based only on the street conversations and signs of the “urban” setting.

Aksel connecting with nature at Biedermans.
After traveling around New Hampshire and enjoying our lunch at the famous Biederman’s deli bar, we came back to the school to skype Kai Carlson-Wee and ask him about his poetry. The conversation went smoothly and Kai shared his experiences working as a poet and a professor at Stanford University. To end the day, we polished two poems written in the morning and shared them in our respectful circle.

Here are some samples of selected lines from longer works of poetry created by the group:

The face of the earth goes on
It's blue eyes tear down the steam
It's hair sways in the wind ever so condescending
Foot prints as blemishes on the skin
-Will R.

Trapped inside a frozen and pacific
Waterfall, I stand and break the ice.
If this day’s remembered as prolific,
Then I am interested to live it twice.
-George S.

So take a hike and keep calm. ...
-Isaiah W.

Lets put it that way,
this homework is something I can't fail
I mean I'm smart but this is not normal project,
this is art
-Akseli I.

The water free falls from the Rocky Mountains and then it picks up its way to flow into the river, just as humans fall into the same pattern of mistakes and pick up their way...
-Jimena A.

Ice sloping downwards
Frigid waters rushing under
Makes me wonder of life down-under.
-Padriac W.

Cell phone conversations floated and heads partnered off to climb Bernal Hill trying to reconcile their legs.
-Mr. Whitmore

There is a cliff diver, a diving horse, an acrylic pen, Skrillex turntables, and a lasso in case of trouble. ...
-Mr. McCollom

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