Thursday, March 12, 2015

Archery Project - Day 4

We started the day with a warm up session using resistance bands to stretch and strengthen our upper bodies. The instructors brought a few new bows to try, including a compound bow and two new competition recurve bows. 

After a few warm up rounds of shooting, we started an official 10-round/3-arrow competition. Several archers impressed us by their improvement and accuracy. Scores were kept and the competition was fierce. Solomon and Egor were our top two shooters, with Fran the most improved. 

We continued to shoot after lunch, with several people trying different bows. Egor continued to film, as did Tim, even though he got seven stitches (from a weightlifting accident) in his middle finger last night. We are ending the day with a few research presentations, and a discussion of what the next two days will bring.

The NHS Archery Project week has given me a good opportunity to learn a new skill. I got the chance to shoot arrows by bow for the first time. I learned not only to be a great archer but also to be a respectful and safe archer. I learned a lot by paying attention to the instructors, because listening helps me become better.

Thank you!
-Andres Y.

Compared to the first day, I have made a lot of improvements on aiming at the target. The first day, I could not even get close to the middle of the target. However, with the instructors help, I figured out that I always need to follow directions in order to shoot where I want to. As soon as I was able to hit the target in the middle (yellow), that made me very excited and happy during archery.
-Andrew J.

I didn't think that today's shooting was a competition because I just wanted to relax and practice shooting. I didn't want to think about my score, I wanted to shoot well and get better.
-Jun L


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