Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lifeguard Certification Pre-Test

A day and a half of lifeguard training and the Huskies are in good spirits. This photo was taken shortly after they completed their course Pre-test, which included:
  • a 300 yard swim
  • a 25 yard retrieval of a twelve pound "brick"
  • and treading water for 2 minutes without using their hands

Besides the pre-test, the Huskies have learned many important roles of being a lifeguard. At this point, they can identify the type of swimmer they are guarding, and they can rescue distressed swimmers and active drowners. They have also discussed legal principles concerning their knew knowledge and their responsibilities of being a professional lifeguard along with their role in an emergency. They have also discussed and practiced the importance of working as a team (while untying the Human Knot).

This afternoon the lifeguards will be going back to the pool to work on saving a submerged passive drowner while honing the skills they have learned already.

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