Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Final Products & Symposium Lessons

Assessment for Project Week has four components:
Student Self-Assessment
Project Leader Evaluation
Final Digital Product
Symposium Lesson

The overall goal of the Project Assessment is to record the behaviors, experiences, and learned outcomes and to provide feedback on how to improve Project Week in the future.

Student Self-Assessment
Students will complete a self-assessment at the end of the project to reflect on the following:
  • personal participation, growth, and learning
  • achievement of personal and group goals
  • evaluation of the program
Project Leader Evaluation
Faculty leaders will evaluate each student's participation, performance, and learned outcomes, and they will provide a written group comment for feedback with the option to highlight individual student performances.

Final Digital Product
The goal of the Final Digital Product is to communicate not only what students did on Project Week, but also what they learned in a polished and compelling fashion that can be shared on the blog, the website, social media, and other digital outlets. The group final product must include the following information:
  • Explanation of what the group did during Project Week
  • Examination of the project's Essential Question
  • Discussion of personal experiences, learned outcomes, and growth
The Final Digital Product should be:
  • Available to view at the Project Week Symposium
  • In a format that is sharable on line
  • Well organized
  • Mechanically (grammar, spelling) well edited
  • Original (any music or photos are either created by the group or fulfill a specific purpose)
  • Dynamic, interesting and creative
  • Created by the whole group
  • Accompanied by list of works cited
Examples of Final Digital Product include, but are not limited to:
  • an original movie/short film
  • a Story Map
  • a compelling digital presentation (Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi, Sliderocket, etc.)
  • an original piece of art with accompanying personal reflections
  • an interactive, multi-media blog
  • a written journal with accompanying photos
  • an functional website 
Symposium Lesson
The goal of the Symposium Lesson is to demonstrate the skills and concepts that the students have learned during Project Week. The lesson should be informative, interactive, short, and repeatable. If possible, multiple students should be able to teach the lesson at the same time, allowing more participants to engage with the group at once.

Examples of Symposium Lessons include, but are not limited to:
  • teach how to cook on a camping stove (outside of course!)
  • teach how to bake cookies
  • teach how to build a raised bed for the greenhouse
  • teach how the basics of stunts and fighting choreography
  • teach a lesson on how to fly a model plane
Final Assessment
The Experiential Learning staff will bestow a Pass or Fail grade for each individual based on the completed student self-assessment, project leader evaluation, digital final product, and symposium lesson.

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