Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From Design to Build - NHS Greenhouse Day 2

The second day of our project saw some groups begin to build their designs, while others spent the majority of the day acquiring the materials necessary to build.

"Today my group mates and I did a lot of efficient work. We finished our soil mixture and added it to all of the planting beds. We also planted herbs, peppers, and flowers into the soil mixture we created. Additionally, we helped another group dig and get further into their project."

"Our worm farm has been completely dug. We are starting to put together our farm frame. We can't wait until tomorrow."
-Makayla and Ivana

The group working on the solar panel to power the drip irrigation system was able to attach the flexible solar panel to the side of the greenhouse.

The irrigation group built the manifest and went to get the rest of their supplies.

The group constructing shelving worked on several projects. Mr Schwab was able to make his design come to life and build a 6 ft tall, four-shelf unit in the corner of the greenhouse.

Rory's group began working on their shelving unit as well with the hopes of making several units tomorrow.

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