Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IB Extended Essay Research Questions

Seven New Hampton juniors have opted to use their Project Week as an opportunity to get an early start on their IB Extended Essays. Extended Essays (or EEs) involve students generating their own research question in preparation for crafting a 2,500-4,000 word multi-sourced essay. After selecting their topics, students have been spending their time identifying and analyzing sources, as well as initiating the actual writing of their essays. Given the time commitment of being a full IB student, accomplishing this aspect of the IB Diploma ahead of time is a strategic and thoughtful decision.

The research questions being studied are:

Why does football occupy such a sacred place in American culture?

To what extent does parental substance abuse affect child abuse and domestic violence?

How has the pitcher's mechanics, mental plans, and overuse of their arms increased the amount of shoulder and elbow injuries to major and minor league pitchers throughout the history of baseball? 

What are the economic effects of the turmoil in Ukraine on the country's budget?

What are the social and historical factors that lead to differing perceptions regarding extremism in the United States and the Islamic world? 

Despite knowing the consequences, why do athletes still choose to use performance-enhancing substances?

To what extent has classic Russian ballet influenced cultural development in the United States?

While it may be warm in Puerto Rico, beautiful in Italy, sustainable in Seattle, and fast-paced in New York, the chairs in the ARC are super comfortable.

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