Saturday, March 14, 2015

Island of Capri

We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day! The Lemon and Orange trees in Sorrento were shining with the morning sun! After a brief breakfast, we all boarded the bus to the Sorrento Port! Our destination was the Island of Capri. We boarded the Jet Boat that was a one-way trip to Capri.

So there we are, waiting for the boat to arrive, watching everyone turn around and look at us to stare in amazement at how tall we are! Pictures were taken and excitement rushed through our bodies; for a brief moment we felt like what it must be like to be a celeb!

Finally, the boat arrived and we all boarded the jet. We sat patiently, ready to leave Sorrento. As we were leaving, the whole group was shocked at how big of a boat we were in and more importantly, how fast a boat like this can move!! The ride was amazing as we were flying across the Mediterranean Sea.

When we arrived in Capri, all of us got off the boat trying to imagine what would be waiting for us. I really wanted to learn the history behind the Island, and that is what I would learn almost instantly. We took a private boat across the outskirts of the Island. On this trip we got a first hand look at all the Grottos that exist along the outer walls of the Island. We also learned the history of Tiberius, who was a past Emperor of Rome. He was the only Emperor to live on the island as he was always in fear of someone trying to kill him. Legend has it that Tiberius would walk his women up to the edge of the beautiful cliffs under the notion of a romantic walk. Once there he would push them off! Apparently no one got the message and he did this for many years!

We also learned that there were a lot of natural arches and parts of the Island were actually sinking as the other side of the Island was lifting up (like a see-saw). After the private boat ride, our personal tour guide, Anthony, showed us around the beautiful island, from the expensive hotels (upwards of $3,000 U.S. dollars per night), clubs that cost around $100 dollars at the door to enter (Beyoncé frequents this place), beautiful gardens (with killer leaves), nice restaurants and a tram ride up to the city center. We took a bunch of pictures amongst ourselves.

After the quick little tour, we took the rest of the morning to shop eat and enjoy our friends. Looking back on our day I really appreciate the time we spent together because learning about the culture as a group can make us grow in so many ways. Ways that we will cherish forever.

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