Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kids Helping Kids Day 2

As the sun came up through the mountains, our alarm clocks abruptly woke us up at 6:30 a.m. The group gathered items needed for the day and headed up to enjoy a nice breakfast. There, each of us broke off to sit at different tables to interact with the Kurn Hattin students. We continued to develop a better understanding of the different kids and their stories.

We were invited to attend school meeting and were formally introduced to the community. The daily work detail consisted of painting and cleaning. Some of us helped to organize the music room, vacuum, paint, and even assisting with technology.

Next, the fourth and fifth grade class welcomed us into their classroom. During this time, we created an 'all about me' poster with the kids, which will be presented in class tomorrow.

Everyone enjoyed interacting and having time to look through magazines, which was relaxing. Then, our group broke for lunch and enjoyed some taco salad. Afterwards we were welcomed into the third and fourth grade classroom to create a short film as well as keynote presentations about the students. 

Next, we visited with the youngest group on campus. During this time, we used different ideas to draw and learn. Some kids drew on notability and others played a math game.

This was the end to our adventures through all the different classrooms. The group then had a little down time to themselves. Some took naps and others studied for the SATs. For dinner, we went to the cafe and enjoyed a meal with the kids. Afterwards, we separated into groups and visited the different cottages (houses) on campus. Through this experience, we were able to see how clean and organized the kids were. Also, in one of the cottages, the girls braided our hair as we enjoyed each others company.

Finally, we all grouped back into our own little cottage where we debriefed about the day. Later tonight we will enjoy some ping pong, pool, and some card games. As for tomorrow, the group is excited to present information to the seventh and eighth graders. We will also participate in different winter activities, such as sledding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. So far, the group is enjoying everyone's company and the time to learn about Kurn Hattin's unique community.

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