Friday, March 6, 2015

Project Adventure About To Set Sail!

Project Adventure will be in Santa Cruz in just over three days. We will be exploring whether or not you can make a career out of your passion for adventure while also investigating our Essential Question:

Are there connections between being adventurous and succeeding in our daily lives, and if so, what are they and does it change your perspective on certain aspects of your life?

By participating in activities like mountain biking, sea kayaking, and guided rope tours of Redwood trees, we will be learning first hand from the people who are living their passion and who know what it takes to turn your passion for adventure into a career.

The high in Santa Cruz yesterday was approximately three times as high as it was in New Hampton. Everyone is excited to get together tonight for our “duffle shuffle”. We have been meeting as a group each week for the past month, and tonight is our most important meeting yet. We will be packing all of our gear for the trip and going over any last minute details which need to be addressed. After tonight we won't be together as a group again until 4:00 am Monday morning when we leave bright and early for our ride down to the Boston to catch our flight to sunny California!

It is going to be a great week of learning for all the students, and they will undoubtedly come back with great stories to tell the NHS community and their families.

Here are some images of what the Project Adventure group will be doing:

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