Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thursday (Part Two): The Long Cold Night

After we summited our second peak, also with phenomenal views, we trucked down and made it to our campsite with the last light of the evening. We quickly packed down tent sites and built a kitchen, working together as the temperatures dropped quickly and the wind picked up. Our water bottles had all frozen on the hike and we were most concerned about getting more drinking water. First one stove then another stopped working, and those with water set about helping those without. It was too cold to risk waiting for dinner to cook, so we feasted on our snacks, trail mix, and one of the Summer Sausages Mr. Brummer had thought to pack in order to fuel up for the night.

While we waited for the water to heat up enough to sanitize, we kept our minds occupied with ghost stories and quoting Step Brothers. It's surprising how much time you can pass with those characters. This was by far the longest and toughest night and we were happy to see sunrise on Friday.

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