Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tinker Shop Day Three

Today our three groups rotated to their final instruction segments for the week.

Guthrie L summed up the automotive group's day:
"Today my group did the automotive section of tinker shop. At the beginning of class we went over the different parts of the engine. After that we topped off the basic fluids in the engine such as windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze. We used the jack to lift up the truck. Then we changed the tires. To do that we used a compressed air gun. Once we took the tires off we checked the pressure and rotated them. Then we put them back on. We changed the oil and the filter underneath the car. Then we changed the air filter under the hood. We checked the oil and transmission fluid levels and then we took the truck down of the jack. Then we vacuumed and washed the inside and power washed and scrubbed the outside. We did all those things to both trucks. That was our day."
Neil C added that 
"GM vehicles are difficult to work on and that he has a true appreciation for what the garage staff accomplishes on a daily basis."

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