Tuesday, March 10, 2015

King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center

Today we traveled to Norwich, Vermont to the King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center. We participated in a cooking class led by a New Hampton alum. At the class, we learned how to bake an apple pie and a chocolate tart from scratch. It was a cool class and the instructor taught us tips on how to make the crust taste better. We also learned a tip that if using salted butter in a recipe calling for unsalted butter, to cut the amount of added salt by half. Our instructor is a graduate of New Hampton School, Robin Brown Sargent ’82, whose father was Chairman of the English Department at NHS. Her family lived on campus for 10 years.

We then traveled to a grocery store to pick up ingredients for tomorrow. We are going to make different kinds of pies and quiches tomorrow, and each of us is also going to make different kinds of cupcakes and frosting. We are having a cupcake competition in the dining hall on Thursday at lunch.

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