Thursday, March 12, 2015

Training As An Athlete - Tuesday Recap!

In our morning session, we had a good lift with Mr. P and a pod circuit with Ms. McCabe and Buehler, including work with TRX Bands.

In the afternoon we did a speed and core workout with Joel. We started by correcting our form and arm swing when we run. After we got that down, we started to do different sets of high knees over hurdles keeping our legs parallel to the floor. We learned how to keep our rhythm and to keep our knees up. The final workout we did was a series of core workouts, including throwing all sit ups and twists. Overall it was a great workout with tons of new information.

After our workout with Joel, we had a surprise coming our way. At first we were not excited as our muscles hurt and we are tired and sore. We were driven up to Burleigh Mt. Yes, the way up was a workout, but the sled down was AWESOME.

Psyched for another great day Training As An Athlete!

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