Thursday, March 12, 2015

Upcycling Wednesday: A Day of Sanding

Upcyclers are doing a great job with all of their projects! Here is a breakdown of what we have been doing:
  • Ms. Brown made a cool lamp with old bicycle fenders. 
  • Ms. Bridgeham refinished a chair and she also made a candle hanger out of a bike gear. 
  • Jin and Irene are sanding and painting a wooden table from Ms. J's house. Everyone has been painting and sanding! 
  • Jamie, Jack, and David are making a basket, and they are also working on a children's bench.
  • Thomas and Eli are making a "hog" vehicle that they hope to ride down a hill by the end of the week. They have been painting and attaching the wheels in preparation for the ride. 
  • Claire and Emma W. are painting a dresser and working on helping others with their projects. Claire has helped a lot with her sewing skills! 
  • Matthias is making an improved chair out of an old desk chair. 
  • Emma S. made a lamp with a bike wheel and a coat hanger out of handle bars from the bike.
  • Noah is assembling and re-finishing an impressive day bed for his mother. 
  • Juan is working on a beautiful couch that will possibly go into Ebbels dorm.
- Jin N.

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